Reverse Painted Mirror Tray - Large - in Blue Bubbles

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Reverse Painted Mirror Tray - Large - in Blue Bubbles

Wonderful extra large size tray made in a reverse painted mirror technique. Lively blue "bubbles" design. 23"X18.5"X2.6".

Arcadia Home heirloom mirror designs are created using the technique of reverse painted glass, which has been practiced in Peru since the 16th century. The quality of craftsmanship on display in these fair trade glass pieces is a testament to the artisan's mastery of this time-consuming and difficult process, which requires attention to detail, precision, and patience. Each handmade Arcadia Home design is as unique as the artisan who created it. And for each design purchased, Arcadia Home contributes to non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the environment through our membership with 1% for the Planet. The mirror in reverse-painted glass pieces can be cleaned with typical glass cleaner, and the borders and edges, which are wood, can be cleaned with a wood polish.